Studio Session Prep Guide

This guide will help prepare you and your baby for a successful portrait session and ensure that your session runs as smoothly as possible.

Before Your Session

  • If you can, encourage baby to stay awake and be active for a bit the morning of your session. A great way to do this is with a bath!

  • Dress baby in a button-down or zippered sleeper or outfit that doesn’t have to go over his/her head.

  • Dress yourself in layers. It will be VERY warm in the studio for baby’s comfort!

  • Try to feed baby right before leaving. You may need to feed a quick snack when you arrive to ensure a full, sleepy baby.

Things to Have Ready

  • Blanket, pacifier, baby brush, and normal diaper bag items. A pacifier is HIGHLY encouraged, and can sometimes make or break a session. Usage will be too minimal to cause nipple confusion.

  • Extra milk/bottles if you use them—babies tend to eat more than usual during their sessions.

During the Session

  • Sessions are typically 2-3 hours long but could run longer depending on baby.

  • We will take sibling and family portraits first. Due to the size of the area and duration of the session, siblings are to be present for their portion of the session only. Please ensure that someone is able to take them to a nearby park or store when their portion is complete.

  • Because I don't work with an assistant, mom or dad may need to help “spot” baby for some poses.

  • Be prepared to feed baby during the session. If possible, bottles are great for feeding while posing so as not to disturb baby.

A Word About Outfits

Neutral colored shirts are encouraged for family members. When thinking about what to wear for your family photos, the important thing to remember is that solid colors and subtle prints are preferred—simpler is always better. My color palette is generally light: creams, whites, and neutrals, if you'd like to coordinate with the rest of the session.


Avoid words or pictures on shirts as they can be distracting. Coordinating colors help the image to look cohesive and eliminate distractions so the eye is drawn to your beautiful faces!

Dress for success—when in doubt, dress up. You can never go wrong when you look sharp.


There are tons of inspiration outfits on Pinterest if you’re stumped on what to wear. Check out some of my favorites here.